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Back Issue 87: May | June 2018

Back Issue 87: May | June 2018

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Back Issue 87: May | June 2018 

  • Heat and the Roasting Machine—Redesigning the Legacy RP218 Course
  • Spectroscopy Illuminated—A Practical Approach to Determining Roast Development
  • Developing Themselves—Washing Stations and Women’s Empowerment in Rwanda
  • Elevate Your Training Game—Is SCA Premier Training Campus Certification Right for You?
  • The Effects of Total Water Hardness on Coffee Extraction—An Evaluation Using Espresso, Chemex and Syphon Methods
  • News Item—La Cosecha Es una Fiesta: Panama Debuts a New Breed of Coffee Festival
  • Columns: Coffee Review, A Life in Coffee, Flamekeeper, First Crack and more!
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