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Back Issue 08: March | April 2005

Back Issue 8: March | April 2005

  • Alchemy in the Roasting Lab—The discovery of organic acids, part 1 of 2
  • Cafe Femenino—Empowering women, strengthening the coffee industry
  • Taking Control—PID settings and roasting controls
  • Roast by Number—A clear picture of the Agtron/SCAA roast classifi cation color tiles
  • Waking the Sleeping Beauty—Peru’s undiscovered coffee potential
  • Ruling the Roast: Ethiopia, the cradle of coffee
  • Roaster Profile—Moka Joe Coffee
  • Diary of a Roastery—Roaster Maintenance 101
  • Diary of a Grower—Growing Up in Coffee
  • Navigating Origins—China.